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Christmas Oranges (Christmas Books)


A Christmas Orange

Frankly when my father gave me an orange for Christmas when I was a child, I just didn't understand. I thought I had done something wrong and was being punished. But my father was determined to make a point with me and he spent time talking with me about the story Christmas Oranges. I must admit to this day I didn't really get it, but I did actually develop an admiration for the beauty of the orange itself. If they had been man made, I'm sure it would be considered an engineering master piece.


Christmas Oranges

This illustrated gift book for all ages tells the classic story of the "Christmas Oranges," in which a young orphan girl named Rose discovers the spirit of generosity that lies at the heart of the holiday. When Rose is eight years old, an epidemic forces the closing of her beloved Greenwoods Orphanage, and she is shipped to Irongates, an austere, loveless institution run with Dickensian cruelty. Headmaster Crampton punishes Rose severely for a tiny infraction, decreeing that she miss the special treat of an orange on Christmas morning. How the other children circumvent his instructions to safeguard a glorious Christmas for Rose is the sweet message of this story, which is beautifully illustrated by Ben Sowards.

by Linda Bethers and Ben Sowards